Apartment Cleaning Services St. Louis

Apartment Cleaning

Apartment cleaning probably isn’t an exciting event on renters’ to-do lists. We’ve all been there: you have unexpected visitors coming over and typically the apartment looks a bit, shall we say, sloppy. Fortunately, all you need is to call My Way Home Cleaning, we offer apartment cleaning services in St. Louis and we’ll give your apartment the deep-down cleaning treatment you deserve. In this article, we’ll cover how to clean your apartment just like us—or you could just call us!

The Bedroom

Making the bed ought to be your first priority—it’s a simple chore that makes your whole house look a lot tidier in general. Next, make sure that any clothes about the floor make their way into a laundry hamper. Clear off any kitchen items (glasses, coffee cups) and be sure to load them into the dishwasher or hand-clean them and put them away. The bedroom typically doesn’t require a deep clean like the kitchen and bathroom, but you should still do your due diligence.

The Bathroom

The bathroom ought to be the next destination to get a good scrubbing up. This makes sense, as guests are going to want to use it throughout their stay. If you have a portable vacuum, you might like to put it to use to grab any stray hair or dust that might have made its way to the floor. This makes the toilet look much cleaner and it also only takes about a minute roughly. Be sure to remove any clutter through the tub ledge, drain, and above the toilet tank. Then, spray just about all surfaces with a foaming cleanser and allow that to take a few minutes while you attend to other chores. Use the glass cleaner to be able to wipe down your bathing room mirror and clean away any chrome. After cleaning the rest of your apartment, you’ll observe that the foam solution picked up a great deal of those bathroom stains, making them easier to wipe up. Additionally, you will want to give attention to areas like the toilet seats, the sink, and the basin. Next, straighten out toiletries, towels, makeup, and electronics to ensure that everything looks nice and neat. Make sure to also clean near your shower curtain, and be certain that the bathroom will be the first and last place you visit in the course of your cleaning session.

The Living Room

If you’re having friends over, there’s a good chance that they will be spending lots of time in the living room, thus it’s crucial to not ignore this area. Be sure to eliminate any clutter from the coffee table or end tables and take out the trash. And then, give the floors a quick vacuum or mop with a disposable cloth. Next, wipe down the bookcases, the entertainment center, and furniture, mainly because these areas tend to be able to pick up lots of dust. After everything is eliminated out, consider lighting a new few candles to generate a nice ambiance. Retain in mind that typically the entryways to your residence are a prime place for clutter—keys, bags, shoes or boots, and other items could typically be found.

The Kitchen

A dirty kitchen is usually a telltale indicator that you are a messy renter, so be sure that any dirty dishes are cleaned or even at least stacked inside the dishwasher and well hidden. It can also a good idea to toss a lemon peel in the garbage disposal and run it to eliminate any less-than-fragrant aromas that might have made their way into your sink. Now, pick up some disinfectant wipes or paper towels and a good all-purpose spray and wash down the counters in addition to your kitchen table. This is particularly critical when you’re cleaning up prior to a get-together, as friends typically like to hang out in the kitchen area with the host. The kitchen table is also known to pick up a whole lot of clutter, so make sure that everything is put in its proper place.

Nice work! Your apartment is now probably pretty clean. But if you want to kick your feet up and get a professional apartment cleaning in St. Louis at the same time, give us a call!