Helpful Tips for Hiring a Professional St. Louis Maid Service

St. Louis Maid service

Whether you’re seeking to hire a professional St. Louis maid service to assist with off-task projects, yearly spring cleaning, or more basic tasks, there are a few tips you should know prior to making your final decision.

Allowing an outside source who doesn’t belong to a formal cleaning service provider comes with risks. “Yet, you’ll spend a lot less money hiring someone under-the-table!” More times than not, this usually doesn’t work out very well. Though somewhat expensive, getting a professional cleaning crew is your BEST bet. So, without further ado, here are 5 things to take into consideration while searching for a cleaning service provider.

1. Get Personal Referrals From Family & Loved Ones

Before turning toward other resources ask your family and friends if they know of anyone —- this gives you a better view on things — instead of what the cleaning company provider wants you to hear (let’s face it, a business can tell you anything they want). Making themselves seem like the best in town, but with a personal referral from family members and friends, you see the Bigger Picture. Giving you a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

2. Absorb Website Customer Reviews Lightly

Those who receive excellent service are less likely to post reviews compared to the people who get poor service. Overwhelming the world with their personal dilemma. Keep in mind that these individuals want to get it off their shoulders and give the provider a bad rap. If the cleaning company has tons of ghastly reviews, steer clear of them for this is a definite red flag.

Make sure to be on the lookout for service providers with perfect scores! If it seems too good to be true, then chances are it probably is. There are some companies that pay individuals for rave reviews, thus giving them a flawless reputation. Rule of thumb, avoid a company that has a 100% track record, an overabundance of negative feedback, or consistent positive reviews.

3. Company Insurance, Bonding & Worker’s Comp

Will the cleaning company cover any and all damages or stolen goods which occur in your home? Are they going to pay for injuries that happen on your premises? Should they not carry this form of coverage, you could end up forking out tons of money. A professional licensed cleaning provider can tell you right from the getgo if they’ve coverage. Showing you copies or their company policies upon request.

So, keep in mind that this adds to company costs, thus raising the hourly rate of services. But, having peace of mind is an invaluable assurance, especially when letting a stranger enter your home! After all, this is an unpredictable world in which we live!

4. Business Experience, Partnerships, & Credentials

How long has the company been in business? Do they have any special awards, partnerships, or credentials with legitimate organizations or professional sources? It is important to look for these things, ensuring you a reliable service provider who’s trustworthy and honest. Not someone that’s simply out for the almighty dollar!

Another dependable source is BBB (Better Business Bureau), providing you with the hardcore facts about a particular company. Offering essential facts and information about specific cleaning providers in the St. Louis area. If they’re listed with the BBB, then you can rest easy knowing its a legitimate establishment to do business with. A company that’s backed up by personal credentials and good customer relations is the one you want to choose. Thus, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone!

5. Available Services Rendered

Is the particular cleaning company open to special requests or offer fixed services? Will they provide you with a basic or detailed job? What do their services include? These simple questions will give you some insight into the company and what you can expect. Some cleaning service providers have one set fee for all tasks, while others charge according to the service rendered. Before all’s said and done, get a total estimate of cleaning services so you’re not left in the dark. The more you know the better off you’ll, leaving no room for surprise hidden charges or fees. If you are looking to hire a maid service in St. Louis, please remember My Way Home Cleaning.