50 St. Louis house cleaning tips

Does it seem like every time you finish a chore, another one pops up? How often have you spent hours and hours scrubbing at a stain or having to clean a large area, only for it to happen again and again? If that has happened to you – then you are in the right place! Continue reading to see our list of ways to solve these issues. Not only will our tips save you time and effort while you are cleaning up messes – small and large – but also save you money on any expensive cleaning supplies that you may have bought for St. Louis house cleaning in the past.

Clean your cutting board with lemons and kosher salt to get rid of contaminants without using chemicals.

Clean your sofa using baking soda.

Clean your oven using vinegar and baking soda for a fresh scent.

Remove paint from clothing or cloth by using a razor.

Clean your blinds by using a mixture (equal parts of) water and vinegar, along with an old sock.

Remove water rings off of your bedside table by using a hairdryer, and then finishing off with olive oil.

Remove oil stains from carpet and other cloth by using baking soda.

Remove stains in your sinks or faucets using lemons.

Clean your tub with the following mixture: water, baking soda, one teaspoon of dish soap, and three drops of antibacterial oils.

Clean iron dishes with sea salt.

Clean any stainless steel appliance you may have with cream of tartar.

Use dryer sheets to cover your baseboards and protect them from dust and hair.

Get rid of grease stains on your clothing before you wash them, by using chalk.

Clean your keyboard by using an old (but clean) toothbrush.

Clean your toilet by using a combination of vinegar and duct tape.

Clean your cabinet doors by baking soda and vegetable oil mixture on a toothbrush.

Remove nail polish from your carpet by using this simple trick – microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Get your cheese grater extra clean by rubbing raw potato chunks through it.

Remove hair from your carpet using a squeegee.

Clean your curling iron with steel wool.

Use baking soda to clean coffee stains anywhere!

Get your baking dishes clean with a little bit of dish soap and a ball of aluminum foil.

Finding glitter everywhere? Use a small ball of play dough to clean it up.

Wash your makeup brushes in baby shampoo and leave them to air dry to avoid molding.

Remove stains from your showerheads by covering them in a plastic bag filled with vinegar, to soak.

Have oil stains in your garage – use Coca Cola to remove them!

Clean your earbuds by using a q-tip and a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol.

Refresh your coffee grinder by running some (uncooked) white rice through it.

Use toothpaste to refresh the look of old sneakers.

Use toothpaste to clean your engagement ring.

Remove the burned crust from a pot/pan by adding water and two cups of vinegar to boiling. Take it off of the heat and then add two tablespoons of baking soda.

Use shampoo to clean your hairbrush.

Use shoe polish (that matches the color!) to hide any scratches on your leather furniture.

Clean the grout in your bathroom using baking soda and bleach.

Clean your blender by filling it up with water and a tiny bit of dish soap, turning it on, and then allowing it to go for a minute or so.

If you have broken glass anywhere, use a piece of bread to pick it up – especially the microscopic pieces.

Dry your shoes using crumpled paper.

Use an aluminum foil ball to wipe off excess glue off of a hot glue gun.

Remove bathtub rings using a grapefruit and some salt.

Clean the inside of your microwave by putting a (microwave safe) dish in the microwave, filled with water and dish liquid, turning it on for at least a minute, and then wiping out the inside.

Remove dust from your lamps using a lint roller.

Remove dust from hard to reach areas using canned air.

Clean your monitors, TVs, and screens using coffee filters.

Rub your old, dusty candles with stockings to give them a second life.

Clean your iron by heating it up and running it over foil or paper covered with salt.

Use newspaper to absorb smells in your refrigerator.

Remove lipstick stains by first spraying them with hairspray, waiting a few seconds, and then wiping it away.

Use baking soda to keep your silverware clean.

Prevent any leaks in jars by using coasters.

Pick up small toys using a dustpan and broom.