6 House Cleaning Tips From Our Pros

St. Louis Home CleanersThe everyday American spends almost an hour a day cleaning their house While some find it to be a tedious task; others get total enjoyment from cleaning.

A Berlin’s Institute for Medical Psychology study linked stress due to limited mobility. It was especially so for women who received some type of surgical procedure. Yet, there is a light of hope! These simple tips from our expert St. Louis house cleaners will leave your home squeaky clean in half the amount of time. We’ll give you the secret shortcuts that only cleaning experts know!

  1. Cleaning your Kitchen Blender With Dish Soap

Kitchen Blenders can be a tedious chore. Cleaning those sharp blades with remnants of your fruit smoothie is quite challenging.

No worries! With some baking soda, basic dish soap, and warm water, you can kiss that built up gunk goodbye. Put the mixture into your blender and pulse for several seconds. Then rinse it in the sink or dishwasher and voila, you have a new kitchen appliance. Take note, this procedure also works great on floors as well.

  1. Have Gleaming Sink & Tub Fixtures With Simple Wax Paper

Your sinks and tubs are virtual soap scum magnets. And thanks to some Environmental Microbiologists; this is a proven fact! Taking daily showers and baths leaving remnants behind even after hardcore cleaning.

Is there any solution in sight? The answer is YES! All it takes is some antibacterial cleaner and some elbow grease. Afterward, use basic wax paper and shine up your fixtures. This not only removes hard water stains but any future ones from occurring.

  1. Giving Your Coffee Maker A Pick-Me-Up Using Vinegar

Most of us coffee enthusiasts do not clean our java maker as we should. Thus, making it a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria to grow. Presenting you with a risk of ingesting these nasty buggers in your delicious cup of coffee.

What is the easiest way to fight off bacteria? Rinse it out once a month and your coffee maker will run like a top. Place several tablespoons of white vinegar with water into the machine’s reservoir. Allow it to run through two full cycles; ensuring no vinegary taste or smell seeps into your coffee. Know what else is a common bacteria magnet? Your bed pillow! So without hesitation, replace it ASAP!

  1. Freshen Up Your Washing Machine With Bleach

Most of us fantasize about having a self-cleaning washing machine! Unfortunately, there are none available in today’s world. Did you know that the average household washer contains some form of bacteria? Today’s your lucky day! All it takes is one quart of bleach combined with water and presto chango you have a germ-free appliance. Ensuring your clothes to smell and look like a million bucks!

  1. Step Away From Common House Mop

Trade in your old useless mop for duster made of microfibers! This not only cuts the amount of house cleaning time in half; but also gets rid of harmful contaminants as well. Studies have proven common mops to fester with hidden bacteria when wet. But those containing microfibers stop germs dead in their tracks.

Unlike regular mops, these have disposable microfiber pads! Helping to rid your home of disgusting bacteria and leaving it sparkling clean.

  1. Bring Your Oven Back To Life With Vinegar & Baking Soda

When combined, baking soda and white vinegar create a grease-fighting gentle foam. Let sit for several minutes or until foam covers the entire oven. Using a damp cloth, proceed to wipe oven interior til residue is completely gone. Combine one-quart white vinegar with some water and wipe until dry. Now step back, and admire your handy work!