St. Louis House Cleaning Tips

St Louis House Cleaning ServicesThe average American homemaker spends a half hour or more each a day cleaning the home. Aside from those who can’t resist dusting the baseboards or cleaning that oven, most people would be a good deal more likely to find better things to do with that extra half hour.

Researchers at Berlin’s Institute for Medical Psychology have discovered a direct link between housework and stress as well as diminished productive functions in women who are recovering from surgery. The results of this research lead us to believe that time spent scouring and scrubbing at a minimum allows most women to find life less stressful. At the same time, this research leads us to believe that the benefits to be gained by this approach make life in general, more enjoyable. Hope is here, not from Clark Kent nor from Bruce Wayne, but from our St. Louis House Cleaning Experts.

Here are some of the best ideas you can incorporate into your daily routine:

1. You don’ t have to risk a cut finger when cleaning that blender. Here’s a better and safer method to follow: Just add a little dish soap and a little baking soda to warm water and let the blender do the cleaning or you. After a few minutes, give the blender a good rinse and voila, It will look like new – and nobody got hurt!

2. Use wax paper to clean your sink fixtures. Most of us realize that the sink is among the dirtiest, most germ-laden places in our homes. Recently, an Applied and Environmental Microbiology study showed that most sinks, even those in “sanitary” places like hospitals, are simply crawling with drug-resistant germs.

We subject our sinks to severe daily wear and this, of course, means that even though our sinks may look clean, even following disinfection, they may still be ‘dirty’.

What to do? Go ahead and sanitize with a good cleanser, but follow that up with some wax paper. This helps to remove any water spots and the wax paper will actually prevent future stains. Vinegar, the good old-fashioned miracle cleaner, is just the ticket to clean and deodorize your coffee maker.

3. We may use the coffeemaker every morning and sometimes more often, but chances are that we aren’t cleaning it as thoroughly as we should. And most of us know that we have to be very careful about cleaning coffeemakers because coffee is notorious for picking up nasty tastes along with your sugar and cream.

The secret? Just add a little vinegar to water and run it through the coffeemaker. Then run it once or twice with clear water to remove the vinegary smell

But kitchen appliances aren’t the only surfaces that can require some attention. Another culprit lies on your bed. No, not your husband! We’re talking about your pillowcases. These should be changed a lot more frequently than the average housewife realizes.

4. Keep the washing machine fresh as a flower with bleach,

Assuming that constant washing in washing machines would be enough to assure their cleanliness, most of us assume it needs little further attention. However, in one study it was learned that some sixty percent of all washing machines may contain harmful bacteria. This may even include such dreadful bacteria as E.coli. But wait!

There’s hope for you. All you have to do is it to run it on a regular basis with plenty of hot water and a quart of bleach. Say Hasta la vista Baby to that nasty germs and hello to fresher and cleaner clothes.

5. Ditch the mop

Get rid of that dirty old mop and get a microfiber duster. You’ll give a much cleaner and more healthful home in no time at all. The latest research shows us that wet mops harbor so much bacteria they can’t really be cleaned, even with chemicals. Microfiber mops with single-use pads are guaranteed to keep your home cleaner and safer for all

After vacuuming, just use a little cleaner on your new microfiber pad to clean not only floors but any surfaces, even your electronics — and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty or mess up that new $50.00 nail job!