House Cleaning South County

House Cleaning South County

Staff and Professionalism

My Way Home Cleaning always operates at the highest levels of professionalism while house cleaning South County, and we start from the ground up. Each of our new hires receives a comprehensive nationwide background check followed by an intense screening interview and reference check. Most important of all, none of our employees set foot in your home without seven days of on-the-job training at our headquarters, which includes courses on safety techniques, cleaning practices, safety procedures, property integrity, and communications training. Once this instruction is complete, our new employees operate under a team lead who continues to provide them training while monitoring their workmanship. My Way Home Cleaning staff are of the highest quality because we invest our time and effort into every single one of them. That means our entire crew is fully-insured and bonded, properly licensed, paid on performance, and fully equipped with the tools and skills they need house cleaning in South County.

Fully Insured, Fully Bonded

What does it mean when we say our employees are fully insured and bonded? It means our relationship starts with trust and financial security, knowing your home, assets, and possessions are completely safe when you invite us to clean your home. Let’s start with general liability insurance, which protects your home and possessions. In the unlikely event that something you own is damaged or broken in the course of cleaning your home, our general liability insurance will reimburse you the full value of your items without hassle. Our workers compensation program protects your assets in case our staff accidentally injures themselves while on your property. And “bonded” means if any of your things turn up missing, it comes out of our pocket, not yours.

Safe and Green

My Way only makes use of cleaning products which are 100% safe for humans and the planet. Specifically, we only use products endorsed by the EPA’s Safer Choice program, which offers “a readily identifiable way to know that a product is as safe as possible for people and the environment.” Additionally, we use reusable cleaning supplies wherever possible such as microfiber and refillable spray bottles.

Our vacuums do a HEPA-good job! HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration is an extremely thorough vacuum filter which purges over 99.9% of particles in the air. This means that while we vacuum your home, we’re also purifying your air! Our vacuums are of the highest caliber and will leave your home smelling and feeling cleaner than when you first moved in. For all your house cleaning needs in South County, trust My Way Home Cleaning!