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The average American spends up to one hourly doing daily cleaning around the house, and a house cleaner in South County is no exception. That is except for those which dust their home from top to bottom, cleaning out the refrigerator and oven until they’re sparkling clean. Leaving the individual feeling too tired to do little else!

As a matter of fact, local researchers at the Berlin Institute for Medical Psychology have linked stress and housework to be common among women recovering after surgery. But with these ingenious tricks of the trade, you can have a showroom ready now without busting your back for hours!

Tip One – Basic Blender Cleaning Tips

Getting every nook and cranny of your blender can be tedious! Not to mention those extra sharp blades waiting to chop your fingers off. No worries though, all it takes is some baking soda and ordinary dish soap, and voila! You now have a brand new kitchen appliance! Make sure to dry well for a spotless shine.

Tip Two – Using Wax Paper For Gleaming Sink Fixtures

Sinks can be the dirtiest part of your home! According to scientific research, it is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and germs. Not to mention the unsightly soap scum making your place look less than appealing, even after a thorough cleaning with disinfectant.

No worries though, for there is a surefire solution within reach! Once you’ve sanitized the sink, proceed to shine up faucet handles with some basic wax paper. This will not only give them a pristine shine, but it also helps to prevent any future soap scum from building up.

Tip 3 – Coffee Maker Vinegar Refresher

Whether you use your coffee maker daily or once in a while, it never seems to be clean enough. Researchers have found them to be a literal hotbed for germs and hidden bacteria to lurk. Thus, exposing you to potential illnesses from the remnants hiding within your coffee maker.

Ok, so which is the best way to tackle that? Performing a monthly vinegar cleaning should do the trick. Just fill your coffee reservoir with a mixture of water and several drops of white vinegar and run through twice. This will remove any lingering vinegar taste from getting into your next cup of java!

Tip 4 – Bleach Freshening Washing Machine Technique

Though some of us think our washing machine is nice and clean, this isn’t the case! As a matter of fact, studies have proven them to be a magnet for many harmful types of bacteria like nasty Ecoli. Yet, this problem can be solved with a quart of bleach and some hot water. Let it run through one full cycle and kiss those smelly odors goodbye!

By doing this once weekly, your washer machine will be a fresh, clean, bacteria-free unit once more!

Tip 5 – Say Goodbye To Old Fashioned Mops

Trade-in your old fashioned mop for one made of microfibers, ensuring you a cleaner house that is free of germs. It’s a proven fact that damp mop heads retain dirt and harmful bacteria, posing a potential threat to the health of you and your loved ones!

Single-use disposable microfiber mops are the way to go! Simply wipe down your floors and toss away when finished. Enabling your home to be dust and allergen-free in the long run. Try using a microfiber dusting mop on floors after vacuuming, this helps remove any additional dirt and germs left behind. They also do wonders on your electronic devices and hard to reach shelving. Not only helping you from placing yourself in harm’s way atop a stepping stool but saving your back as well!

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