14 Maid Tips the Pros Want You to Know

Cleaning the house is an energy and time-consuming task that many homeowners hate. The only problem is that you can never ignore it. But even if you feel upset by what you have to do to keep your home clean, you may want to think about what professional cleaners do that you don’t, such as a St. Louis maid service.

If you’ve hired professional cleaners before, you might have been amazed by how fast they clean. But what if someone told you that with several tips, you can be as good as experts in cleaning your home? Would you believe it? If you’re in doubt, you should stick around for some tips that will enhance your cleaning skills more than you can imagine:


  1. Vacuum in half the time

    Vacuuming is one of the cleaning tasks that consume a lot of time in homes. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the cleaning techniques you can never go without considering that it’s used to clean most areas of your home.

    If you feel that vacuuming consumes a lot of time when cleaning, maybe it’s because you keep on re-plugging the cleaner. Instead, you can consider using the central outlet in your house for more leverage as you clean. If the vacuum has a short cord, you can use an extension cord.





  1. Get rid of the mop

    Rather than using a mop to clean your floor, you may want to consider using a steamer instead, to avoid spreading the dirt around. The high temperature comes in handy as far as sanitizing the floor is concerned. You can also use a spray-and-vac machine as a mop-free option to remove more soil from surfaces.





  1. Use magical erasers

    Magical erasers are simply amazing because they can be used in cleaning almost any surface in your home. Besides, they can get rid of everything in your home, from stains and grime to crayon marks. Using magical erasers can reduce your cleaning time in half if not more.





  1. Keep your stainless steel shiny

    Even though stainless steel is efficient, beautiful, and stain-resistant, it’s prone to fingerprints and smudges. You can apply mineral oil to stainless steel surfaces to help them repel water and prevent sticky materials from leaving marks.





  1. Remove smells from the disposal

    Removing the smell from your disposal is easy with the help of citrus peels. All you have to do is drop lemon or orange peels down the drain with water running at half-pressure.


Run the disposer for approximately five seconds and wait for the citrus acid to do its work for about fifteen seconds. Turn the disposer on once more and drop some ice cubes in it.


Turn off the disposer, then put the stopper in place and open the tap to fill the sink halfway. Remove the stopper so that the water can flush out the disposal for a fresh scent.





  1. Use an oven liner

    You can cut the time used to clean the oven in half by making use of a disposable oven liner to trap spillovers.





  1. Wipe the light bulbs

    A clean bulb emits more light compared to the dirty ones. To clean your bulb, allow it to cool off, then use a dampened microfiber cloth to wipe it clean.





  1. Scrub the screens

    Your windows are dirty as long as the window screens are dirty. To avoid this, you should clean the window screens with a brush when washing the windows.





  1. Clean the lampshades

    Lampshades hold a lot of dust contributing to the overall dust in your home. The good thing is that you can clean fabric lampshades using a lint roller, and pleated shades using a clean paintbrush.





  1. Vacuum more than the floor

    If you thought that the floor is the only surface you should be vacuuming, then you’re wrong. Since you also use your couches and chairs for extended periods, be sure to vacuum them weekly, as well as have them professionally cleaned every year.





  1. Tackle “screen burns.”

    Dirty aluminum screens can etch patterns into the windows and cause a “screen burn”. You can, however, try to scrape off the burns gently using a razor blade. If that doesn’t work, use an industrial diamond polish such as Diamond Magic with a lot of elbow grease. The best way to tackle a “screen burn,” however, is to have it professionally removed.





  1. Scrub neglected places

    When was the last time you cleaned the area behind the toilet? If you’re not used to cleaning it, you should consider vacuuming it clean using the small attachment of your vac. If picking up the dust using the small attachment of your vac doesn’t work for you, a dry cloth should. Once you’re done, use a multi-purpose cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to scrub the area clean.





  1. Remove soap scum effortlessly

    Getting rid of soap scum is one of the toughest cleaning tasks in homes. If you feel like removing soap scum consumes too much of your time, consider using a plastic putty knife rather than a sponge. To avoid the future buildup of scum in your bathroom, consider using liquid or gel soap rather than bar soaps.





  1. Pay attention to the tiniest details

    The smallest touches have a great effect when combined. You should pay attention to the following tasks if you want your house to look professionally cleaned:

    •   Clean the air vents

    •   Tidy up the baseboards

    •   Clean under the bed

    •   Clean the bathroom mirror (Pay attention to the edges and corners as well, not just the middle)





Bottom line

With the tips discussed in this article, you should be in a position to clean your house like a pro. Besides, you’ll not only use less time; cleaning your home will become easier and more enjoyable.