Expert Tips for Hiring a St. Louis Maid Service

There are many reasons that you would hire a cleaning service – it could be that your home needs a spring cleaning, or perhaps you have a special event to prepare for, or maybe even you want to hire someone regularly – however before you make your decision, you should have all of the facts.

There are many risks associated with hiring someone who isn’t employed by an actual cleaning service company. It might be a lot cheaper to hire someone to clean for cash – something that I hear often – but my advice in that situation is to find a great cleaning person and hold onto him or her. But if you can’t find a good cleaning person, then that is when you should bite the bullet and hire a professional cleaning company.

Continue reading to find out what ten things you should consider when you are deciding on a professional cleaning service.

Referrals – from Family and Friends

Ask around within your family and friend group to see if they use a professional cleaning service. Using a referral gives you an inside look at how a company operates – not just the positive reviews that you read on their website. Some companies are clever at marketing themselves to seem better or more established than they actually are – but speaking to someone who has used their services can give you the real picture.

Online Reviews – Don’t Believe Everything You Read

People who are happy with the product or service they receive don’t tend to write as many reviews as those who are unhappy with the product or service they received. Most of the time, people who write over the top negative reviews are wanting an excuse to vent, damage the reputation of the company, or are making the story worse than it actually was. This is particularly true of companies that have all horrible reviews. However, if a company has a few bad reviews mixed in with good to average reviews, then this is pretty standard. No company is completely perfect all the time.

However, you should also watch for a company that has all five-star reviews. Companies like this more than likely pay their clients to write reviews for them, which is why they are perfect. Look for companies that have consistently good reviews.

Compensation – Bonding, Insurance, and Worker’s Comp

Does the St. Louis Maid service you’re looking at mention any coverage of the costs associated with damage, theft, or injury that occurs on your property? If they do not mention this, then if any of the above happens, you could be responsible for any money or items that are stolen, any property that is damaged, or if any workers are injured. Any cleaning service company that you are looking at should be able to tell you that they have this insurance and give you a copy of their policy if you request it.

While it is great that a company has this type of insurance, be aware that this would add to their operating costs, which would mean that their rates would be higher per hour or per job. But this type of insurance is invaluable and comes in handy especially because you are allowing a stranger into your home – this saves you from further costs in case something happens, particularly in our litigious society.

Accreditations, Experience, and Affiliations

Study the cleaning service that you are thinking of hiring – how long have they been in business? Are they affiliated with any professional organizations? Have they won any accreditations or awards from these organizations? Looking into this can tell you if the company has a good reputation and maintains that.

My company has won three awards and we are a member of the Better Business Bureau. We have worked extremely hard to remain in excellent standing with the BBB and we are extremely proud of this. We have done everything we can to offer above the standard customer service and this shows in how we train our staff, interact with clients, and introduce new clients to our services. This is extremely important, as here it is not uncommon for companies with bad reviews to simply close and restart under a new name. So it is extremely important that you check to see if the company you are interested in has these accreditations and affiliations.

Service Offerings

Does the cleaning service you are interested in offering fixed services or do they take personal requests? How detailed are these? Make sure you ask about the levels of service that they offer and if you can customize their offerings. Do you get the same service no matter the circumstance or can you create a to-do list? Or can you request a combination of the two? Some companies offer a wide variety of choices – neither are better or worse, but it is simply a matter of what works best for you and your lifestyle.