Things to consider when hiring a St Louis maid service

You could be extremely busy with working, raising or interacting with your family, or possibly trying to have a social life. When you realize how much needs to be done every single day then hiring a St Louis maid service may seem to be a sensible option to take.

However, before hiring your St Louis maid service there are things that need to be considered:

Bonding: Will the St Louis maid service you hire have sufficient levels of bonding in case anything goes wrong. If the maid service company bonded? If yes are they just bonded to protect themselves, or would you be covered in the event of a theft?

Insurance: check to see if the St Louis maid service has insurance in place. Generally, maids or cleaners would not be covered by your home insurance policy if they fell or had any other kind of accident whilst on your premises.

Make sure that the maid is properly insured before they start working on your premises.


Before hiring your St Louis maid service check up on all the companies you are considering on using. Ask the company or the individual to supply references for you. Ask questions that will provide with the information that allows you to pick the best maid service:

Have you been using the maid service for long?

Does the maid service clean your home thoroughly?

Did they ever complain about the service? How was that complaint dealt with?

Would they recommend the service to others?

Taking references can provide indications of which, St Louis maid services should be considered for hiring, and those to be avoided. The longer that a company has been providing a quality service the more likely they will be able to provide you with a professional service.

Employee screening and hiring: Some maid services will hire people directly as their employees, while others will use subcontractors to work for them.

Thoroughly check with the service to find out if they have done a full background check on their maids, checked their work history, or confirmed that the maids have the right to reside or work in the country.

When maids are hired on a subcontractor basis it is highly likely that the maids have not received training, and that they are not insured. If they are not insured then it would make sense to change your insurance policy. If residency status is not confirmed then check it yourself, as you could be liable for prosecution if it is later found that you have hired an illegal worker.

Cleaning products: Generally maid services and subcontractors would expect you to supply all of the cleaning products to be used. Some services do supply cleaning substances, and will often claim that these are green cleaning products.

It is best to check that cleaning products do not contain toxins such as ammonia that could be harmful to children and pets.

There are plenty of maid services, which pay lip service to use environmentally friendly products that are either not as green as presented, or not effective. If they claim to be green find out who has certified their services as being green.

In order to be classed as green some companies use products with lesser amounts of chemicals, which will not clean things effectively.

Some green products can be just as effective as chemically-based cleaners with safer results.

Standard of Equipment: When maid services supply equipment check how good it is, a clogged up vacuum is not going to clean as well as a newer one. If the equipment does not do the job let the service provider know that.

Satisfaction: Can you let your maid service provider know if you are happy or unhappy with the service? If you do not tell them you have a problem with the service then they will not know how you want it to be improved.

If the maid service is actually interested in providing quality customer service then they are more likely to ask for customer feedback. Feedback surveys, manager visits or phone calls are all ways you can provide your opinion to the service provider.

Quality Assurance: Some of the maid services actively carry out quality assurance checks, managers will check the quality of work performed and ask for customer complaints or compliments.

Guarantee: Sometimes satisfaction feedback and quality assurance still do not get you the service you want. At that point, it is time to invoke the guarantee. Most companies only provide guarantees as lip service, if you have been provided with one, read through it in case you need to invoke it.

Taxes: You should be aware that as soon as you have paid a maid or cleaner over $1,200 in a single financial year that you are liable to pay federal taxes and social security on each worker.

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