Tips for hiring a maid service in St Louis


Sometimes people decide that they want to hire a cleaner for a one-off clean up, an annual spring clean, or may prefer to hire a weekly cleaning service.

Some people prefer to bring in a cleaning lady for cash is a cheaper option than hiring a professional cleaning services company. In theory at least, if nothing ever goes wrong then hiring a cleaner and paying them cash would always be the cheaper option. Get things often do to wrong and that can be why hiring a cleaning company can be a more sensible option for a variety of reasons. These reasons why a St. Louis maid service makes more sense are presented here.

1. Gain referrals from family and friends

Ask family and friends if they currently use, or have previously used professional cleaning services and if they would recommend or refer any of these companies to you. The opinions of family and friends should carry more weight than any reviews on company websites, if the referral is positive then try the company. If on the other hand people you know the way to avoid a firm then try another one instead. As long as you trust their judgment take note of referrals.

2. Be cautious of online reviews

People only usually let others know their opinion of any company when they are really unhappy about it for whatever reasons. Unhappy customers will let you know in great detail if allowed as to why they are unhappy with a company and why others should not become customers. If you can only find had reviews on a website then be aware that it is probably best to avoid using that company.

3. Bonding, insurance, and worker’s compensation

You will need to find out if the company you intend to use can cover the costs if anything goes wrong. Do they have binding in place if anything got broken or stolen? Double-check whether or not they have insurance that covers their workers when they are working on your property. Should the company not have binding or insurance then you might have to change your insurance policy so that their workers are covered when working on your premises. It is worth looking into who would provide worker’s compensation if anything happened. People paid cash to clean would not have any bonding or insurance at all yet cleaning service companies should have.

When professional cleaning providers have bonding, insurance and provide worker’s compensation in place then they will have higher operating costs and their cleaning services will cost more. However higher charges are balanced out by peace of mind as you will not have concerns about who covers the costs of anything going wrong.

Experience, Affiliations, and Accreditations

It is worthwhile finding out how much experience cleaning companies have. Find out if they have been operating for years, or if it is a new company. Watch out for affiliations, as some companies with poor reputations with often close down and restart with a different name. More reputable outfits will aim to be accredited by professional bodies to demonstrate that they are qualified and experienced enough to always provide customers with excellent services.

Generally when companies take the effort to be fully affiliated and accredited then they are genuinely aiming to provide consistently high-quality services.

Service offerings

Before deciding on the company to hire check to find out what services they offer, and if there is any flexibility in the available services. Some companies only offer fixed services, which can be taken or left but not altered. Other cleaning companies will allow you to arrange the cleaning services that suit you the best. Fixed services tend to suit the companies best, and are fine if you want the same service each and every time, However, if cleaning needs change from time to time it is worth making flexible arrangements.